Make White People Work For You!

We created over 10 billion White People on the blockchain, and we want you to know the feeling of owning White People. Because honestly, it just feels good.

Easily Store White People In Your Digital Wallet!

Because technology is great and we've created White People on the blockchain, you can store all your White People in any Ethereum digital wallet.

Send And Receive White People At The Click Of A Button!

Since White People are stored inside the tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, that means you can send and receive White People from anywhere in the world.

Own White People For As Little As $5! NO MONEY DOWN!

Are you kidding us? FIVE DOLLARS TO GET SOME WHITE PEOPLE? That's like two tacos and a drink!!! Anyone can own White People!

Get Your White People Now! It's FAST! It's EASY! Make Your Friends jealous when you tell them "I Just Bought White People!"

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for anyone to own White People. Choose how many White People you want to own, send the amount of Ether stated, and BAM! Your White People are automatically sent to the address you paid from! Instant White People! Buy as many White People as you want!!!

STEP 1: Choose The Amount Of White People You Want To Own

Get Some White People!
  • Send 0.005 ETH (about $5) and get back 1000 White People!
Get Double The White People!
  • Send 0.010 ETH (about $10) and get back 2000 White People!
Get A Bunch Of White People!
  • Send 0.100 ETH (about $100) and get back 25,000 White People (5000 FREE White People Bulk Discount!)
Get A Truckload Of White People!
  • Send 1.0 ETH (about $1000) and get back 250,000 White People (50,000 FREE White People BALLER Discount!)

STEP 2: Send Ether To The Address Below

Send ONLY THE AMOUNT SPECIFIED AND NO MORE to the Ethereum address 0xC25c95eDD1a299A6fb52dEDa0C281efB6400D3d4 (our public Smart Contract that delivers White People to you) and you'll get White People delivered back to that same wallet address. *Please remember to send the appropriate amount of Gas for the transaction, otherwise it will fail (and your Ether will be returned back to you)*
By sending payment in Ether for White People you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.


STEP 3 (Afterwards): Add the White People Token To Your Wallet

While your White People were delivered after payment was received, your wallet may not see them as you have to tell it to watch for your new White People tokens. For most wallets you need to simply use an option like "Add Token" and then enter in a contract address. Below is what the "Add Token" screen looks like from the MetaMask Firefox Add-On, and the online Ethereum wallet.

General Questions

What Can I Do With My White People?

Anything you want! They're your White People, you do with them as you wish. Hold on to them. Play for White People at your Friday night poker game. Trade them for sweets and candies. Give them a lecture. Use them for members only events. Give them names. Make a game that accepts White People. Be a broker of White People. It's up to you and the community of people who own White People what will be done with them.

Should I feel bad about wanting to own White People?

Absolutely not. Just like the founding fathers of the United States (and others like them) made it a right to own people in various forms, and the White People token give you that same chance.

So this isn't racist?

It's probably the most non-racist and patriotic thing you could do all day! Thomas Jefferson would be proud.

I'm White. Can I Own White People?

Of course you can, and why wouldn't you? Owning White People is for everyone!

Are My White People Worth Anything?

Damn straight they are. You paid for your White People and they're at least worth what you paid for them. At the same time the market for Ether dictates the initial purchase price and the community dictates what happens to the overall value of White People.

I'm A Merchant. Can I Accept White People As Payment?

Yes you can! All you need is an Ethereum wallet and you can start accepting White People! Just give customers your wallet address, have them send you White People, and you're transacting business on the White People Highway!

For the full FAQ please click here.